Stop Your Snoozing On Sleep, With Celebrity Cruises Mindful Dreams !

Celebrity Cruises and Canyon Ranch Spa Club want to ensure that modern travellers remember the importance of beauty sleep with the launch of their new wellness program, Mindful Dreams. This curated program invites modern luxury travellers to experience new treatments, products and sleeping aids. Additionally guests receive nutrition advice on the best culinary choices to aid in sleep, access to expert lectures and special instructional classes promoting a holistic approach to mindful sleep, both on land and at sea.


“A holiday is prime opportunity to rest and recharge, so partnering with Canyon Ranch Spa Club to offer Mindful Dreams was a natural evolution of our wellness program on board,” shared Susan Bonner, Vice President, Revenue Management and On-board Revenue, Celebrity Cruises. “Through this partnership we hope to not only help guests further relax during their sailing, but also take home a lifetime of wellness tips that they can incorporate mindfully into their daily routines.”

“Sleep is no luxury,” states Param Dedhia, Director of Sleep Medicine, Canyon Ranch, adamantly. “With a restorative night’s sleep, you nourish your mind, body and spirit.”

Among the exclusive offerings is the relaxation treatment of which the program takes its namesake – Mindful Dreams. This incomparable sleep-encouraging experience incorporates products specifically designed to soothe alongside a sleep-inducing cultural massage and meditation techniques. This focused treatment promises to evoke instant tranquillity and fosters inner well-being, calmness and serenity, transporting guests to the perfect getaway state-of-mind.

Additional treatments include:

•Organic lavender and seaweed sugar glow

•Age-defying restorative facial

•Lazy days detox seaweed bath

•And more!

The program features VOYA luxury products designed to deeply hydrate and smooth even the driest skin. The lavender body care range, Tranquillity, incorporated in many of the treatments, helps to ease the stresses of everyday life, leading to a feeling of relaxation and peace. All ingredients are organic and sustainably harvested on the western coast of Ireland.

Mindful Dreams programming has debuted on Celebrity Equinox and Celebrity Summit from August 2017 and has become available fleet wide throughout September 2017.

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